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  • YOUNG SCION SK (7/8 INCH BLADE) -- $60 with sound and in-hilt recharging 

    The Young Scion SK is for kids, those with small hands, or anyone who wants a fun cosplay saber that’s easy to carry and easy to dress up (with finishes, leather wrapping, etc.).  And it’s great for characters that carry two blades, escrima stick style.  Although not meant for full combat, this saber will take a beating.  We call it the an “SK” saber because our friend Steve’s kid has been our tester.  And he hasn’t been able to destroy it!  It’s also an amazing value.



    • Aluminum compact hilt (3/4 inch blade diameter)
    • Choice of hilt colors: Black and silver
    • One sound font (with blaster fire/lockup) and mute (clash noise but no blade FOC)
    • In-hilt rechargeable batteries (USB cable and wall charger included)
    • Choice of blade colors:  red, ice blue, blue, ice green, green, white, yellow, light purple

    Young Scion SK (7/8" Blade)

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