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The Hoth Trading Company Story

Okay, so my wife and I are geeks.  We’re so geeky, that last year we had a Star Wars/Steampunk wedding.  With the 501st Legion in attendance and my wife’s “best man” being a full sized, full throated Chewbacca.  And we were married by Senator Palpatine.


We had a silly, scripted ceremony.  At one point, Palpatine asked whether there were any who objected to the marriage.  A friend of ours – a film fight coordinator dressed as a Sith Lord – stepped forward to interfere.  His actress wife – a rebel, of course – stepped in to defend us.  A staged lightsaber battle ensued.  Each of our stunt players were using combat sabers from Ultrasabers®, one of which was only a few months old.  Two half-force strikes into the staged “battle,” and the new saber died.  Just like that.  It was disappointing to say the least.


I took the saber apart, and found that the internal components were really just stuffed into the hilt, so the connection broke easily.  Not a great design.  Being a fabricator and prop maker myself, I decided to see if I could find or design a saber that wouldn’t have that problem.  And there were other complaints about various combat sabers I discovered later, when talking to other “saber-nerds.”  (I also found some fabulous sabersmiths out there.  Don’t get me wrong – there are definitely some beautiful options for the true saber-nerd if you have the resources to buy one.)  I wanted to be able to offer lightsabers that had the most features, while still addressing the most common complaints I’d heard, for an affordable price.  Hence – the birth of Hoth Trading Company.
Our sabers cost hundreds less – sometimes half the cost – of sabers from other companies with similar features.  We include the features, rather than upcharging for each one.  And though we are a young company, our goal is to have the best, most responsive customer service.  I personally quality check every saber we sell.  If you call HTC with a question, I’ll be the one answering the phone.
We also have some celebrity “testers,” like two-time Olympian and Tae Kwon Do star, Pita Taufatofua of Tonga.  (More sci-fi celebs to be announced on our website in the months to come).


We plan to grow our armory.  I’m designing higher end custom hilts now (in line with some of my prior prop-making,) and would love to hear from you as to what’s important to you in a combat lightsaber.

Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you around the galaxy!

Anthony Thurston                                                                                                                                   

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