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  • THE DARKBLADE – with sound and in-hilt charging


    The Darkblade is the unstable blade of Universe lore.  Its unique hilt design accomodates a multilayer blade with a crackle pattern, giving it the unstable look.  It can be ordered with either a combat blade that can take a beating, a show blade, that is somewhat brighter, or both.  Note that the combat blade is not one of Sabersmith Anthony’s handmade blades.  We warranty it for a year – and haven’t broken one yet – but given its flat blade design, we won’t label it “indestructible.”  This is a unique saber, fun for cosplay.  And its flash on clash is impressive with the crackle design.  Like all Hoth Sabers, it has in-hilt recharging.



    • Aluminum hilt in matte gray finish
    • Two sound fonts (with blaster/lockup) and mute
    • Available blade colors: red, blue, green, yellow, ice blue
    • Flash on clash
    • In-hilt rechargeable batteries (USB cable and wall charger included)

    The Darkblade

    $250.00 Regular Price
    $225.00Sale Price
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