• FULL COMBAT CRYSTAL CHAMBER SABER – includes sound and in-hilt recharging


    This unique new saber has an exposed “Khyber” quartz crystal (no two are alike).  For single color sabers, the crystal matches the color of the blade.  Yet like all HTC one inch combat sabers, this one is fight ready.  


    This is a FULL COMBAT saber with three different sound fonts and mute function.  Like all HTC one inch diameter combat sabers, it comes with two blades – both an indestructible combat blade (warrantied for life) and a lighter “con” or “show” blade – in your choice of lengths and tips (round or bullet, no upcharge for bullet tips).  And also, as on all HTC sabers, it has in-hilt recharging.



    • Aluminum hilt with crystal chamber with unique crystal
    • Choice of hilt colors: Black and silver
    • Three sound fonts (with blaster fire/lockup) and mute
    • Flash on clash
    • In-hilt rechargeable batteries (USB cable and wall charger included)
    • Wide choice of blade lengths (no upcharge for long blades):  18, 24, 28, 32, or 36 inch
    • Round or bullet tips (no upcharge)
    • Choice of blade colors:  red, ice blue, blue, ice green, green, white, yellow, light purple

    Crystal Chamber Saber

    $250.00 Regular Price
    $225.00Sale Price